Shelf Stars

Why a Pop-up Shop?

Short-term pop-up shops have long served as testing grounds for brands to experiment with and tap new audiences.

Stand by for a wave of new generation pop-ups this autumn. The Covid-19 crisis has fuelled a rethink about their role — and landlords need new, exciting, and local tenants.

This is an exciting time for all entrepreneurs who have big dreams of being in bricks and mortar, without costly mistakes of going it alone!

Think Big

Sam & Ellie are launching their first Love Local Hub for entrepreneurs to co hire… With a grand vision of having multiple hubs across the UK to help fill the hundreds of empty shops in the high streets!

From £35 per week with social media PR, it is a great way to get in the shops where customers can feel and even smell your products, which you just cannot do online!

Plus there is no extra commission charge on top as we support you and want you to succeed.

What are the benefits to joining Love Local Hub?

Lead by a team of business growth & Retail experts…

We are not simply renting you a space in a store, we are genuinely interested in your business and your 5 year business growth plan!

  • Affordable rent
  • No commission
  • Business advice
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Social Media PR
  • Plus a ‘Ready made’ local community!