Meet the Founders

Sam the Mumpreneur extraordinaire

Samantha Poole is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and social media expert, known for building successful online communities. Her disruptive ideas are on the cusp of growing a 6-figure business with just her superpower skills and network alone! Founder of the Mum to Mum Facebook group in Milton Keynes, Owner of Ask Goto Network and co-founder of the Love Local Hub and Business Bootcamps.

Ellie May the Retail Innovator

With 7 global & regional retail awards, Ellie comes fully loaded with what’s hot and what’s not in the Retail and leisure world. As an innovator and pioneer in the retail and commercial industry, Ellie brings to the table her out of the box thinking and ability to see things differently and sell it!

Niki our Decor and Financial Superstar

Niki is the owner of Truly Divine Event Decor so she makes the hubs super pretty with all of her events decor accessories and she is also super smart with numbers and a qualified lawyer. Niki is also one of the faces of Brain Tumour Research and founder of Shay’s Smiles.

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About Love Local Hub

The Love Local Hub has been a dream for Ellie & Sam for over 2 years now so seeing the shops in full glory, in the centre:mk and Atria Watford and putting over £418,000 into small businesses pockets is making us do a ‘happy dance’ most days!

This project is for Individuals and landlords who wish to support small local businesses, who love unique and local products. Our Love Local Hub is a retail community that provides mentor support and a business growth strategy for retail entrepreneurs. Supported by Milton Keynes Council as Love Local provides businesses with a handheld service in the world of retail and a ‘bricks and motor’ shopping experience for customers to enjoy.

How we can help you…

  • Affordable rent
  • Low commission
  • Business advice
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Planning
  • Ready-made local customer community!

With thanks to Tom Shea from The New Factory for supporting our Love Local Retail dream!

‘We make anything and everything – for everybody – but especially for children’

The New Factory is an exciting new space where we design, develop, create and manufacture anything…  A unique combination of design knowledge and child-related knowledge that all comes together in our factory located in Milton Keynes. From Nursery Furniture & Equipment, Playground Design, Modular Buildings,  Shipping Container Conversions and Retail Display Furniture.

The New Factory is a resourceful place working towards providing the best solution to meet each clients project.




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